They are my precious after all!

It's hard for me to describe how much I love you!
Being your child has been one of the greatest gifts in my life.
There's nothing that could ever change how I feel about both of you!

here,i come again to my sometimes-updated-blog..
I normally, will only write for a person or persons that i want to appreciate them.
I normally write for a person or persons whom i love with all my heart.
its just a matter whether you realising it or NOT.
My entries may showed a general content,but actually it is NOT.

I will write about the precious of my life after all.

Dear Mak abah,
There is so much I want to say but honestly I do not know where to begin..
hurm..just lets get started with what has happened today.. :'(
honestly..isz susah nak terima apa yg terjadi pagi ni..
mak..kan isz dah pernah bagitahu mak dulu,isz tak boleh kena tinggal without you saying 'byebye' to me,without i kiss ur cheek,ur forehead n same like you did to me..
ingat lagi waktu tu isz was in standard 5..mak baru nak mula bekerja bantu abah tampung keluarga..waktu tu,isz memang xboleh kalau mak pergi kerja waktu isz tgh tidur..isz xboleh terima sangat :'(
but today..both of you left to Jakarta while i'm sleeping in my room..
i cant accept it..
bangun tidur dlm keadaan terus menangis...isz cari dkt katil mak,kerusi sandar of you already left me..without a word... :'(

you are the greatest mom,teacher,friend i ever had mak :'(
people often says that between you and me seems like a really good friend :')
i told you everything..every single story of my life..

without you realise or not,
you are the greatest dad and greatest teacher of my life..
dulu,abah mesti pastikan setiap hari isz hafal 20 new vocabulary words in English,hafal sifir setiap hari,habiskan buku latihan sebelum balik kampung raya,buy me a special book for add math during my difficult times to learn that subjects..
until today,u helps me a lot in understanding hundreds pages of english journal,you helps me a lot with your opinion towards malaysian politics..u may looks like a normal person but the knowledge in you are uncountable!
I just have no idea o how to describe my love for you :'(
kita pernah 'jauh'...dan isz tak mahu selamanya 'jauh' dari abah..

Mak,Abah,Isz doakan mak abah selamat pergi dan balik ya..
entah,terasa lama pula pemergian kalian kali ini.. :'(

inilah luahan hati dari seorang anak yang selalu menyusahkan hati kalian,
yang selalu tiada masa utk kalian :'(
tetapi ketahuilah bahawa anak ini benar2 menyayangi kalian dunia dan akhirat!
isz akan pastikan,apa yang isz buat di dunia ini,mak dan abah akan turut merasa kebaikannya di akhirat sana..
thats my promise..hold my words..mak,abah..


this statement is so true indeed. :'(